The Dark Birthright Saga ~ a 17th Century Tale of Scotland, England, & the Colonies ~ Illustrated

Book One (Dark Birthright):  Itís 1619 in Scotland. A child born of mysterious parentage is given to fisher folk to raise as their son. Dughall grows up in a family bound by honor, becomes a healer, and displays psychic abilities. His life is torn apart when heís claimed by his real father, a cruel and powerful lord who tries to mold him in his image. Dughall must define himself, in the midst of a struggle between a Duke, an Earl, and the family who wants him back. All the while, he's determined to marry the girl he left behind, a woodland lass with eyes as green as a peacock's feather.      

Book Two (Dark Lord):  Itís 1637 in Scotland.  Dughall is settling into his new role when the King imposes an Anglican liturgy book on the Scottish church.  Protests and riots plague the realm, forcing lords and commoners to take a stand. Dughall and Gilbert are placed in precarious positions, torn between loyalty to the crown, their families, and zealous subjects.  To complicate matters, Dughall claims the sword of Red Conan and inherits the curse that comes with it.  Challenged by real and supernatural enemies, he must fight to continue his line.  Conflicts pit brother against brother and father against son.  The National Covenant is signed and war breaks out.  Tempers run hot and actions are rash.  To maintain order, one brother must take Blackheartís place.  Which raises the questionÖ  Who shall become the Dark Lord?

Book Three (Dark Destiny):  It's 1648.  The English civil war is over.  The imprisoned King and his lieutenants are in trouble.  Gilbert Gordon is one of them.  What will the Gordon brothers do?  You will meet the next generation - young Maggie, James, Luc, and George.  James' supernatural abilities endanger his father and threaten the peace of the family.  England executes the King and declares itself a Republic, but the Scottish government refuses to follow.  The King's son tries to gain his thrones, starting with Scotland.  Unfortunately, he was given a directive by his father to execute Lord Dughall Gordon.  Scotland is in turmoil.  Battles are fought and fortunes are lost.  What will happen to the Gordons?  Will they abandon Scotland for the British Colonies?


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What readers say:

Dark Birthright is an amazing read. For me Blackheart was the best damn character, a cruel and powerful man who saw what he wanted and took it.....with style!  As I ventured further into the book, I found myself submerged deep in Scotlandís mysterious past, a past wrought with witchcraft, romance, desire and violence and I must admit I loved every minute of it!  Having a reasonably good knowledge of historical places and events in Scotlandís past, I do believe that Dark Birthright gives the reader an insight into what 17th century Scotland would have been like." - Jamesie Johnston of Albannach, a Scottish tribal drumming band

Dark Birthright, a novel by Jeanne Treat, is set in northeast Scotland during the early 1600ís. One can almost smell the salty air of the North Sea emanating from its pages as the story of a handsome but evil lord and his determination to dominate his look-alike son unfolds. A good man, the son has powers of his own, of which the lord has no knowledge. While one inflicts pain, the other is a healer. Who shall survive?  The first book in a trilogy featuring the Hay and Gordon clans, Dark Birthright delivers its readers into a world of secrets, mysticism, and the ancient ways of the Celts and their descendants. Exciting and filled with action, danger, and romance, this story will send your heart racing." - Carolyn Hale Bruce, co-author of the Rebel King series of books

I just finished Dark Lord last night.  What a ride!  I wanted to make it last a little longer but it was not that easy.  So enjoyable, I truly loved it.  Canít wait until the final chapter.  I am thrilled to have found you and your stories.  Thank you so much." - Barbara Robinson, a Diana Gabaldon fan

Finished Dark Destiny yesterday. Life kept interrupting my reading, darn it! Was amazing - so glad about the ending! - Tracey Checkley, a fan

Just finished the Dark Birthright Trilogy. Probably one of the best mental adventures I've ever been on so far. Check out these books written by Jeanne Treat. Get this trilogy!!  It's epic!! - Evan Keefer,  Bagpiper for the Mackenzie Highlanders

Just finished the third book of the Dark Birthright series. Thank you ! I could not put these books down and read well into the night. - Melanie Ostheimer, a fan

The Dark Birthright Saga- the best books I have read in a long time- the author gets you so involved with the characters.  I know enough of the time period that more than once when someone in the book spoke of going to a place, I caught myself shouting, "NO! Don't go there!  It's dangerous." - Joanne Hart, a fan

What reviewers say:

"Dark Birthright" is the fascinating and deftly written story of a young man's struggle amidst the political turmoil, religious strife, and dangerous highland world of 17th century Scotland. Of special note is the descriptive introduction of the fisher folk and villagers who worship the Goddess despite the risk of being put to death as witches. "Dark Birthright" is particularly recommended for readers with an interest in well-rendered historical fiction. - read the entire review at: Midwest Book Review

Fantastic! Lucky me to be picked to review this book...  The plot is rich in paranormal powers and mysticism, twists and turns with swiftness and agility equal to the action of the Celtic sword that plays a defining role in the story. The characters are well and truly drawn...  Magnificent human creativity! - read the entire review at: Tregolwyn Book Reviews

Ms. Treat has captured the life of old Scotland with clear and vivid prose. You'll enter a world where you can almost feel the spray from the sea, the warmth from the peat fires and the love as you enter the homes of the seafaring people of Whinnyfold. She shows how a noble may rule with grace and understanding or with unforgiving bitterness. She'll take you to the stone circle to honor the goddess with pagan rituals and celebrations. She touches on the healing powers of herbs, and the medieval superstitions concerning these rites. The relationships are believable whether there's love, loyalty or vengefulness.   - read the entire review at:  Karen Michelle Nutt, author and reviewer for ParaNormalRomance Reviews -

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